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The Significance of Proper Health Centre Waste Management

There is a large volume of possibly contagious and unsafe materials generated by health centres every single day. Medical waste is comprised of treated and untreated elements like animal waste, microbiological waste, pathological waste, animal and human blood and fluids, medicines, medical tools, etc. These waste needs to be handled with extra care to prevent jeopardizing the environment, people, and animals.

If medical waste is not managed correctly, it can cause hospital-acquired infections in members of staff, patients, visitors, scavengers, and people who live in the vicinity. Medical waste contains sharp tools which are used for operations and injections on people with different types of diseases. These tools contain bacteria and viruses because they are not treated, hence if a person or scavenger is pricked by them, they pick up similar infections as those treated with those objects.

Another way that bacteria and viruses are transferred from waste is when people come into contact with waste materials and touch other objects like counter tops, furniture, reading materials, etc. and other persons. This action leaves bacteria on the surfaces that they touch, and when other people come into contact with the same surfaces, they pick up the germs and continue spreading them. These germs can cause them ailments if they do not disinfect their hands immediately before touching other things.

Another primary concern of poor handling of medical waste material is the repacking and reselling of wasted objects and medication by corrupt individuals. Waste materials should not be recycled unless they are critically treated under carefully chosen mechanisms. Some individuals can collect medical objects which have been thrown away, clean them and repackage them for sale or collect wasted medicine and resell it. This is very dangerous because it can lead to infections from those objects and the use of inefficient medication which can adversely affect people’s and animals’ health or deliver no healing at all.

Hence, a health centre must focus on quality waste management that safeguards its users. Medical waste management is supervised by the law due to its sensitivity, and every health facility must entrust their waste management to the right companies. One of the factors they must look into is whether the medical waste management company they prefer to hire has the relevant licenses for their services. The company should meet all the standards put in place by the government.

The other important point of focus should be whether the company is accessible and their frequency of waste collection. Regular waste collection is ideal because it keeps a health facility free of large volumes of waste and helps them meet health standards as well. This largely minimizes the dangers posed on the health centre’s users and neighbors, making the centre safe and bearable.

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