Why Creators and Producers Need Online Protection

The threat of copyright infringements, theft of intellectual property, and links that divert customers from original websites is rampant online. These problems cost creative and talented people money and time, as well as cheat customers via misrepresentation. Piracy protection services are offered for those who wish to have peace of mind, increased revenues, and intellectual property protection.

Copyright Law for the Internet

In 1998 the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was passed to specifically address piracy on the internet. The Act basically states that re-producing or disseminating original information presented online is illegal. There are many provisions that deal with content, images and video, products introduced online, and music.

Why That is Not Enough

The major issue that still costs creators money is that detecting infringements can be difficult. By the time an illegal link or website is discovered, if it is ever discovered, the damage has been done. Criminals are clever, technology savvy, and often launch sites from other countries that may have no internet copyright laws.

Anti-Piracy Protection

Internet service providers that specialize in protection can monitor and remove most illegal links and sites. The capacity to be effective depends on the platform used, actions taken, and if the service can be customized to suit the needs and budgets of businesses of all sizes.

Removing the website from search engines will temporarily fix the problem, but criminals will often launch a new website. Removing infringements at the source is much more effective. It takes criminals a lot more time to develop a new source from which to launch illegal sites.

An enforcer protection platform has been developed by one protection company that has the capability to detect infringements other companies miss. It is designed to be fast and strategic in order prevent piracy, as well as remove links. The platform can be customized to cater to a business of one or a large business.

Specific Sectors

The platform is specific to the most vulnerable sectors of creativity. Writers and publishers, law firms, music, video, and film producers, photographers are a few examples. Others include trading vendors, WordPress developers, and information product creators. Creating an online course, displaying photographs, and developing websites takes a lot of time and effort. Protect the investment from criminals.