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The Best Ways to Protect Your Dog from Fleas and Ticks

Dealing with fleas and ticks on your dog can be a bit of a nuisance. Not only are they unpleasant to look at, but they can also be quite difficult to remove. And if you leave them on your dog for too long, they can bring about some serious diseases. So what steps should you take to keep your dog flea and tick-free? There are a number of effective ways to do this, fortunately, though they work differently.Here are some of the best tick and flea prevention methods you may want consider:

Oral treatments

You’ll find pills that may be administered orally to your dog once every thirty days. These medications work to destroy immature fleas as well as ticks. The pills are easy to administer, and you won’t have to be concerned about your kids or other pets coming into contact with the dog afterward, as is the case with topical treatments.

Spot-on medication

Using spot-on treatments is another effectual method of getting rid of, as well as preventing, both fleas and ticks. You can purchase the medication online, from your vet, or from your local pet store. Spot-on treatments can provide up to one month of protection from parasites for your dog. However, despite the effectiveness of these treatments, you’ll still need to use them carefully. Be sure to carefully read all labels and seek advice from your vet in case of any lingering doubts.

Using shampoos

To kill fleas and ticks on contact, bathe your dog with shampoo products that contain medicated ingredients. This routine, though a bit labor-intensive is an inexpensive way of protecting your dog from a bug infestation in the peak seasons–spring and summer. However, since the preventive ingredients won’t last as long as spot-on medications and oral treatments, it’s recommended that you repeat this process at least twice a month.

Tick Sprays

This is another treatment that is applied topically and can both kill and prevent tick and flea infestations. It’s a good idea to use tick sprays if you plan on taking your dog out into the words, where the bugs are most prevalent. As is the case with other flea and tick control products, you’ll need to use this product carefully. Don’t use it too close to the dog’s face or on other pets (such as cats).

Clean house and lawn

One of the best preventative measures you can take is to keep your house and lawn tidy.Keeping your lawn and house tidy is one of the best preventive measures you can take.Trimming the bushes, trees and lawn will help control the population of ticks and fleas. You will have fewer parasites to worry about when you ensure that they have fewer places to live.
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