Send Introduces Two Innovative Product Innovations That can Revolutionize The Messaging Sector

LOTUSPHERE, ORLANDO, FLORIDA. January 17, 2010 – Just in period for their a few year anniversary the following month, Wave launched that Smartphone app MyLink with regard to Android devices and you will be conquering the messaging migration market along with the unique migration product WaveBox.

MyLink will allow the synchronization with Lotus Notes, Domino, MICROSOFT Outlook POP3 together with Exchange emails, calendars, clients, tasks and notes with Android os phones.

The product or service range includes MyLink Sophisticated, MyLink Desktop together with MyLink Enterprise. The products are made to suit users’ person needs. MyLink Advanced provides users along with the possibility to straightaway synchronize their PIM info via USB, whereas MyLink Computer’s desktop & Enterprise help the OTA synchronization off data (Client-based with regard to Desktop, server-based with regard to Enterprise). Wave implements some sort of Point-to-Point Synchronization Process that cuts out your requirement for an authorized server completely without processing the details through Google or some other server portal.

Statistics show that will employees are more and more showing the preference to synchronize their private phones with the work data (Information extracted from “The Device Dilemma”, report by general market trends firm Vanson Bourne). It was long not possible as a result of security risks. As a result of Push Mail, Point-to-Point Synchronization together with Remote Wipe, MyLink can help you provide employees with the work emails on the highway and also as a result of their private Google android phones.

The implications for companies are significant. There is not a need for increased servers, as the application can be installed entirely on the existing send servers. The convenient set-up, intuitive user screen and low maintenance spark a reduction of help queries. MyLink also translates that companies won’t have the necessity to provide their employees along with the latest gadgets now days, as users’ own devices can be employed without the concern with data breaches.
The following essentially transforms that Android devices inside smart, business safe phones, bringing Google that a person step closer in the corporate market.

The MyLink products are for sale to individual users relating to the Android Market together with online at world wide web. waveglobal. net. Corporations wanting to license several users via the server platform may well enquire directly as a result of email to contact@waveglobal. world-wide-web.

The clever advancement in WaveBox will vary the way messaging migration is implemented. The tool is usually using Cluster technology to help migrate users with Microsoft Exchange to help Lotus Notes together with Domino. This enhances the details processing speed. Accordingly, where a job previously was implemented within a 6 months time frame, the duration in the project is cut for a fragment of it’s previous processing span, meaning days, rather then months.

This new technology enables Wave to lower time and man power allocated to messaging migrations, and for that reason, allows significant charge cuttings, bringing several advantages to businesses migrating servers. This innovation helps Wave to remain more flexible in serving the needs of their shoppers. Not only might the project be implemented faster, releasing corporation internal resources sooner, but also that rate of error are going to be reduced drastically and for that reason increasing the efficiency in the project.

Corporations can now look ahead to smooth running projects in the market of messaging collaborations, from consolidations to migrations without worrying about the worry of spending to much time and valuable options.

Further information regarding the product are found online at world wide web. waveglobal. net. Consultations and quotes may be enquired via inbox to sales@waveglobal. world-wide-web.

For their 6th anniversary, Wave is managing a special anniversary advancement unique to Lotusphere, offering the main five companies free consultation on the messaging migration as soon as deciding for WaveBox.

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